Unrivalled range of industrial adhesives and technical service




At Direct Adhesives we are proud to offer our customers an unrivalled range of industrial adhesives, combined with market leading technical expertise. We are the leading UK distributor of adhesives from National Adhesives and Henkel. These two companies have recently combined forces under the Henkel brand and are the number one industrial adhesive producer in the world. At Direct Adhesives we also design and manufacture our own specialist range of water based adhesives.


Our product range is focussed around helping you achieve your business objectives; improving the efficiency of your operation and or quality of your final product. 



We understand about your priorities and we are focussed on delivering adhesive solutions that positively impact your objectives. In today’s challenging business environment, the more you can produce each shift, the more cost effective your operation becomes. Anything that causes your production line to stop is unsatisfactory. And all this must be acheived without affecting the quality and integrity of your finished product.


We know that finding the right solution for your needs is not always easy. Please contact us using our freephone number 0800 0857548 and we can discuss your exact requirements in detail. Or please email with your enquiry details and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss the best solution for you. Either way, we’ll be delighted to help find a solution that fulfils your needs!